Social Networks Time-Waster Or Job Productivity Increaser?

Social Networks Time-Waster Or Job Productivity Increaser?

Social Networks Time-Waster Or Job Productivity Increaser?

You’re sitting at your office right now very stressed from your job pressure and routine. So you decided to log on to Facebook for a little diversion. Like reading the latest status update from an old friend or family member and suddenly your boss appears and he starts looming over you with his eyes locked on your computer screen!! What would be your reaction? Minimizing your page, Closing it, Saying “Sorry” since maybe you’ll be jobless now, or show him that you are doing this to refresh your brain and increase your job productivity.

Increase Job Productivity!!!Yeah that’s right, although most people and companies think of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter as time-wasters, a number of studies have shown the opposite. Hmmm… How could sites that take you away from the task at hand make you more productive?

Here are some Cons of Social Networking at Work:

• Many employees checking up on what potential and current employees are saying about them on social network sites. So be careful what to post online.

• People with addictive Internet habits might be less productive. The purpose of using social networks at job is having brain breather and not wasting time.

I wonder why many companies spend millions of dollars on software designed to block social networking sites, although several studies have shown that personal Web browsing can increase productivity and thus increase profits!!! is it worth the expense?

Pros of Social Networking at Work:

• Social Networks are pressure reducer and brain refresher. Logging on to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or other Social Media Sites, checking your network updates, and knowing what is happening in your social media world, will have a great impact on your spirit and gives you a new energy to start your work again more effectively.

• Usually people who are more social by nature and are connected to a variety of people through social networking sites are better people-persons in the workplace, which means they’re skilled at interacting with others and solving problems.

• Some social media networks are professional networks “LinkedIn is an example” which means if your employees joining those professional online communities and being professional there this will reflect a professional picture about your company and vice versa.

• Social networks are useful and essential to some companies and departments, they can help companies track consumer trends and explore marketing strategies “some ex: “Recruiting companies, Marketing Departments, Online Companies, E-marketing, etc…”

As a conclusion by taking short breaks and use social networks, your mind can rest a while, and when you return to the task at hand, your brain will be refreshed and renewed and this will increase job productivity…What do you think?

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One Response to Social Networks Time-Waster Or Job Productivity Increaser?

  1. Kelly Monroe says:

    Productivity in the workplace can be hindered but also heightened depending on the usage of the application. Companies choose to block or not block social media apps. Unfortunately they are missing out on that grey area where social media apps can be utilized to further inovation and productivity. Palo Alto Networks came out with this whitepaper talking about how to block social media apps and when it is appropriate to let employees utilize these apps productivly. To block or not? Check it out:

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