Save Your Facebook From Your Twitter Claws

Save Your Facebook From Your Twitter Claws

Save Your Facebook From Your Twitter Claws

Many of us use Twitter Facebook Application to update their Facebook Status from their Twitter profile, but come on do you think this is useful all the time? Do you think all of your Facebook friends use Twitter or know about it? Don’t you think it is a boring thing to share same information on both social media networks? Do you think Twitter and Facebook are the same?

Another issue let’s say you send a lot of tweets at a time, that means your Facebook status updates quickly!!!Isn’t that strange for Facebook friends? Does every tweet worth sharing?

I guess your Facebook profile is now screaming please save me, but no one there to help and for its bad luck there is no social media 911, will maybe in Web 3.0 😛

Ok Then what to do? And how you can manage this?

One option is updating your Facebook status manually, ehhh it’s boring, but better then tweeting your Facebook friends all the time with every tweet except @ messages and direct messages…

Another option is Setting SMS for your account and update your status via your cellphone.

But suppose you have a cool and interesting thing you want to share on both Media then how to do that? Here a good solution, try an alternative application called Selective Tweets, with this cool application only tweets that you end with #fb will update your Facebook status. The rest of your tweets will just stay with Twitter. Go ahead give it a try and save your Facebook form every Tweet.

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